Sunday, February 25, 2007

update time

Ok, it's been too long since my last post. I will do my best to give you guys and girls something interesting a little more often.

Quick update. In the past month...

I've been skiing in West Virginia (mucho fun!)
Traveled to Colorado for 4 of the most spiritually fulfilling days of my life
Read 3 books
Had my daughter baptised
Started coaching tennis again
Re-strung about 20 tennis rackets
written an entire months worth of curriculum
and watched an entire season of Pro's vs. Joe's (a show which I became hooked on during our ski trip because of Jonathan Griggs)

Anyway, it's been a great month, and I have plenty more adventures ahead of me this month. I can't wait.

Anywhoo, I've been teaching on Sunday nights the past couple of weeks about self image, and the fact that God desires to help us with our self image. Tonight I talked about the self images that girls wrestle with....the "questions" about themselves that they wrestle. What an incredibly hard lesson this was. I don't know that there has ever been a lesson where I have felt quite as underqualified to teach as this one was. I just hope and pray that I was helpful in someway, and that I didn't embarass myself by totally missing the mark. I guess we'll just have to see. If nothing else I hope that the young ladies will be thinking about the fact that God is the one who provides a healthy understanding for their true beauty and worth...not men.

On to other business...I am looking forward to this spring and summer already. I have to say that my favorite time of year in Macon really is March and the Cherry Blossom festival. I'm not a huge carnival type person or whatever, but I do love the weather in Macon in March. Also, I love being able to walk downtown and listen to the music and smell all the smells that come along with the Cherry Blossom events. I'm really looking forward to March.

well, that's enough for me right now. Hopefully it won't be too long again before my next update.




Blogger Jason Sansbury said...

Good stuff...


Anonymous Andrew said...

wow dude time for an update, haha....neways i finally got around to reading the blog guess ima few months behind...neways good one though ha....later man!



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